About kaget!

Surprise someone with an idol’s personalized “videogift”.

kaget! is an Indonesian homegrown mobile app that enables anyone generate personalized greeting content from their famous idol as a “Videogift” for friends and family. kaget! believes that celebrating special moments have be to be creatively done for lasting memories.

"Life is full of Surprises" by John Major

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is kaget!?
A: kaget! is an app platform where someone can be surprised with his/her idol’s personalized "VideoGift".

Q: What occasions can I have as a videogift?
A: kaget! can be used for many occasions. You may request birthday, wedding, graduation, any holiday event wishes from your favorite idols available within kaget! app. Video requests are not limited to these wishes, you may request to roast or simply say hello to that special someone as long as your requests are proper. kaget! is made to be fun and exciting for both fans and celebrities.

Q: Can I share my videos to anyone?
A: Yes, you can download your kaget! video, please share them to your friends and family or even post them in your social media account if you like. kaget! encourages you to share them freely at its original form for enjoyable lifestyle and entertainment

Q: How do I contact kaget! team for inquiries?
A: For questions and inquiries, you may send an email to cs@kagetapp.com

Q: If I am a celebrity and interested to be in kaget!, how do I join?
A: The more the merrier for us. Any public figure who is interested in becoming one of our idols, please email us at cs@kagetapp.com so we can guide you for onboarding process.

Q: How to Order your kaget! videos?
A: Please download kaget! app in your Android or IOS smartphones and register your personal account and enjoy. You may select your favorite idol through our search categories, select your idol, fill out information for who the video is for and type in special notes for your idol to follow, make a payment and submit your request. That’s it.

Q: What do I need to know when requesting a personalized video?
A: We believe that kaget! is for pure entertainment for everyone. We want for all requests to be respectful and clean. If your idol feels that your video request is inappropriate and will hurt his/her image, he/she will reject your request.

Q: What does it mean when it says that my chosen celebrity is “unavailable”?
A: kaget! respects all our talents personal business. There may be times that your chosen idol will have a busy schedule like shooting, recording, travelling, etc. Our talents reserve the right to put their account on hold until they feel that they have time to fulfil all video requests.

Receiving my kaget! video

Q: How will I receive my kaget! video?
A: Your video will be sent to the emailed that you provided when you ordered.

Q: How long does it take to receive my kaget! video after ordering?
A: kaget! idols are given 72 hours to accept/reject video request. kaget! team will need 1-2 days to review completed videos. You should receive your requested video on average around 3-5 days from the time you submit your order.

Payments / Other Charges / Refunds

Q: How much for each personalized video?
A: Pricing of videos may vary depending on your chosen idols. Your idol set his/her own pricing for "videogift".

Q: Do I need to pay upon my order?
A: Yes, you need to pay in full to complete your request. kaget! accepts all forms of payments like credit card, debit card, bank transfer, etc. You have 24 hours to complete your payment. If payment not received, your order request will automatically be cancelled.

Q: What other fees/charges do I need to know when making payments
A: All orders may be subject to bank charges/fees and convenience fees which will be borne by kaget! users.

Q: What if I don’t receive my video after 5 days?
A: Your payment will be refunded if one of the following happens:

  1. Your request was declined by your chosen idol.
  2. Your request expires after 36 hrs from your idol.
  3. Your completed video was made in error or inaccurate (idol mentioned wrong name or occasion)